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7-8 month old colt 7-8 month old colt
Bradford, AR .
1055.3 mile He stands tied. Stands for farrier. Halter broke. Loads and is easy to catch.....
Cheer Cheer
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile This little girl can be a stinker! She learned how to crawl out AND crawl back into her welling box when no one was looking! Very smart 😂 Big ....
Dancer Dancer
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile This little girl is looking for a Furever home! Ready to go now ❤️ She was the smallest female from her litter but she is fierce. Little....
Cinni Cinni
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile Cinni has a big personality and loves to play with all her brothers and sisters!....
Clove Clove
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile Clove is a sweet girl who loves to play!....
Latigo Latigo
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile Latigo is the spokesmen for the group lol! She has a big personality and is an absolutely stunning Tri!....
Roper Roper
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile Ole Roper is a good ole boy who will be there when you need him. He's an in your pocket sort of fella who is always good for a laugh!....
Wrangler Wrangler
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile Wrangler has the most beautiful eyes to make all the cowgirls stop and stare!....
Tough Tough
Newark, AR
1049.5 mile Tough is true to his name! Great guy with a lot of personality! This guy is truly a joy to have around! Always watching me and following me around whi....
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