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Registered Rottweiler Pups
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile girls with beautiful blocky heads- born Feb . Parents are AKC registered and have OFA certificates with great German lines... Call Irene (at) if inter....
Rachel AKC Rachel AKC
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile Rachel is a very cute fawn girl. She is full of energy and enjoys playing with toys and wrestling with her brother and sister. Rachel is always the fi....
Bethany Bethany
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile This adorable girl is friendly and outgoing. She loves adventure, playing and chasing toys. She loves to snuggle in your lap and curl up with you for ....
Korbin Korbin
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile Korbin is a fawn harlequin boy with a sweet face and an even temperament.....
Colton Colton
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile Colton is a blue make with a white chest. He is calm and enjoys snuggling. He does get playful though as most puppies do and when he does, he loves to....
Page Page
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile Page is a very unique colored puppy. She is a blue fawn brindle Merle. Her base coat is fawn with a blue tone and her spots are actually brindle!!! Zo....
Laughlin Eur Laughlin Eur
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile Laughlin has a nice, even personality. He is a striking brindle with a black mask. He His dad (100% Euro) is a stout brindle that is imported from Hun....
Whitney Euro Whitney Euro
Squaw Valley, CA
2566.16 mile Whitney is a cute brindle girl with a black mask and a great personality. She enjoys playing with her siblings but usually calms down before the play ....
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