Animals for Sale in Pasadena, CA

Classified ads of dogs and cats for sale in Pasadena, CA. Shop for birds, bunnies, and more.
Sara Sara
Pasadena, CA
2473.24 mile Adorable Purebreed whippet pup to serious pet homes. She has black and white markings. A male brown and white is also available from the same litter. ....
Copper Copper
Pasadena, CA
2473.24 mile Copper the Beagle is the third-born, first male with a beautiful red and white coat. He is a relaxed and intelligent little pup who likes to snooze a ....
Carmen Carmen
Pasadena, CA
2473.24 mile Carmen is the first-born female with a beautiful tricolor coat - black, white, red around her eyes, and black spot markings on her belly. She is a che....
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Pasadena, CA
2473.24 mile Cappuccino the Beagle is the fifth-born, second male with a beautiful blue and white coat with red color rimmed eyes. He is pure joy! He is always fir....
Noelle Noelle
Pasadena, CA
2473.24 mile Noelle the Beagle is the fourth-born, third female with a beautiful red and white coat. She came like a little present with a Christmas tree white mar....
Chloe Chloe
Pasadena, CA
2473.24 mile Chloe the Beagle is the second born, female with a beautiful chocolate tricolor coat - chocolate, red and white. She is a shy and reserved little pup ....
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