Animals for Sale in Surprise, AZ

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Wesson Wesson
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile Mini Aussie, brown with tan and white markings, full tail/ not docked, green eyes. This sweet puppy has beautiful coloring and is very playful! Deposi....
Izzy Izzy
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile Izzy has a light grey coat with a gold tint when seen in the light. Izzy is definitely the comedian of the litter. She has a big personality that you'....
Zeke Zeke
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile Zeke has a white mask with freckles on his nose and white paws/socks on each of his four feet. Zeke is the best of both worlds. He is a strong little ....
Cali Cali
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile Cali's most distinguishable marking is her white heart shaped mark on her stomach. Just like her heart mark indicates, this little lady is full of lov....
Thor Thor
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile Thor has a light grey coat with darker grey "zebra stripes" on his back. He has white paws with grey spots. He is a calm puppy that enjoys being held ....
Jersey Jersey
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile Jersey has a grey coat with a white J mark on his stomach. He is the biggest boy of the litter. He has a mellow temperament and enjoys his naps and cu....
Chynas Pups Chynas Pups
Surprise, AZ
2188.15 mile CALLS ONLY German Shepherds Maternal Czech Lines Paternal West German lines GET YOURS NOW Before they are all gone... Priced For Affordability On A Qu....
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