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Mate with Security Clearance
Anchorage, AK
3361.14 mile Description Bowhead Transportation provides marine cargo transportation; barge and lightering services; logistics and oilfield services support; and vessel leasing, maintenance and operations services. We have a diverse fleet of vessels which provides our customers with comprehensive marine options. Essential Functions: • Supervises and coordinates activities of crew aboard ship. • Assumes command of ship in event ship captain becomes incapacitated. • Inspects holds of ship during loading to ensure that cargo is stowed according to specifications. • Examines cargo-handling gear and lifesaving equipment and orders crew to repair or replace defective gear and equipment. • Supervises crew engaged in cleaning and maintaining decks, superstructure, and bridge of ship. • Stands watch during specified periods and determines geographical position of ship, upon request of Master, using loran and azimuths of celestial bodies.

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  • Company :
    Uicgs and Bowhead Family of Companies
  • Employee Type : Full Time
  • Fee : No
  • Full Time : Full Time
  • Has Photo : No
  • Job Title :
    Mate with Security Clearance

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